Earth's Only Line of Defense!

Kinetic Assault is now better than ever! With new graphics, updated menu system, faster game play - you won't believe it's the same game!

For the first time ever, Kinetic Assault v1.0.3 brings this amazing game to Windows PC. That's three different way to enjoy that awesome, fast-paced, retro-style game!

On Android mobile phones, tilt your phone from side to side to control the direction and speed of your satellite.

On OUYA, use your analog stick to control the direction and speed.

On Windows PC, the satellite becomes your mouse pointer for fast paced dodge-'em action!

Not sure how to play? No problem! Kinetic Assault v1.0.3 is delivered complete with documentation

Get Kinetic Assault on Windows PC

Download and Play Kinetic Assault .

Keep your PC updated! Get the latest Java JRE if you don't have it already. Running Kinetic Assault is a great way to know for sure if you have it. http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp

Get Kinetic Assault on OUYA

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Kinetic Assault Change log 1.0.3

Changes across all platforms

  • Added a new Help screen.
  • Changed the title logo.
  • Added some sound effects to the Main Menu.
  • Added new retro style "Game Over" screen reminiscent of classic gaming consoles.
  • Added a new alien NPC: Kinetic Absorption Bomb.
  • The K.A.B. is a ball of ball of energy that will drain energy from your Kinetic Shields over time. When hit, energy drains away slowly until the absorption effect wears off. Multiple hits from the K.A.B. will stack.
  • Added a new kind of meteor: blue meteor provides 15 points of energy when impacting the Kinetic Shields. (Red meteors provide 5 points.)
  • Made it so blue meteors are the only ones that generate debris. Each piece of debris will generate 2 points of energy. This way, players can strategize around obtaining debris.
  • Changed the scoring for debris: impacting debris give 2 points each towards score.
  • Changed the look of the siphon bomb.
  • Changed the look of the swirl bomb.
  • Changed timing of the swirl and siphon bombs, they now appear more frequently.
  • Added a new AI behavior for the swirl bomb to increase the fun. smile
  • Created a new, original image of the Earth. The entire scene now rotates around the Earth.
  • Added instructions to the High Score screen for returning to main menu.
  • Added a new on-screen pause indicator. Pause always worked, it just didn't say "paused" on screen. Now it does.
  • Changed the location of the "Game Over" message so it doesn't overlap with the new Paused message.
  • Changed the font color to a dark blue for better contrast.

Changes on specific platforms


Main Menu

  • Fixed Ouya controls on Main Menu. The menu selection should be smoother now.
  • The A button will now exit the game from main menu
  • You now use the D-pad to navigate the menu.

High Score

  • The (A) button now returns you to main menu.

Game screen

  • The (Y) button is now the pause button. (note: the (A) button still returns you to the main menu.)
  • Increased the movement speed on Android to bring it in line with the other platforms.
  • When Game is over, pressing the (O) button will start a new game. (note: if you achieved a high score, you will be taken to the High Score screen)


Main Menu

  • Added the Enter key as a menu selection key.
  • ESC key now exits the game.
  • Use TAB and SHIFT TAB to navigate the menu using a keyboard.

High Score

  • Added the Enter key and ESC key to return to main menu.

Game screen

  • The ESC key now unpauses the screen if paused. (note: ESC key still returns you to the main menu during game play.)
  • Added mouse control.
  • When Game is over, pressing the Space bar or Enter key will start a new game. (note: if you achieved a high score, you will be taken to the High Score screen)


Main Menu

  • The back button will now exit the game

High Score

  • Back and menu keys returns you back to the main menu

Game screen

  • When Game is over, tapping the screen will start a new game. (note: if you achieved a high score, you will be taken to the High Score screen)

Recent Bug Fixes

Bug #1

Sometimes the "Reset Game" menu item would appear when it should not.

Fixed - 4/9/2014

New Screen Shots






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