A large and dangerous Meteor Storm is headed towards Earth and you are the only one who can stop it!

That's the premise behind my new arcade style game called Kinetic Assault. In Kinetic Assault, you pilot your satellite, powered by a Kinetic reactor, to bounce meteors off into space. You can also bounce them in such a way so as to crash them into other meteors, at which point, they explode. Sounds like fun!

Kinetic Assault is played for high score and is managed by an energy bar. Hitting meteors will make your energy go up, while missing a meteor will make your energy go down. Once you are out of energy you explode. The game ends when you have exploded 3 times.

The higher your score gets, the harder the game gets! Meteors' acceleration downward continuously increases. Then, the aliens begin throwing stuff at you to try to drain your energy. The first is a swirly bomb, which completely drains your energy and causes you to explode. The second is a Kinetic Siphon, which only drains a little bit of energy, but they appear more frequently and they follow you.

High scores are saved to a leader board and the top 15 are always view-able in game.

Kinetic Assault is available on the OUYA and Google Play for android mobile devices. Each platform offers a different game-play experience:

On Android mobile phones, tilt your phone from side to side to control the direction and speed of your satellite.

On OUYA, use your analog stick to control the direction and speed.

On Windows PC, the satellite becomes your mouse pointer for fast paced dodge-'em action!

For more information, read Kinetic Assault Description and Instructions

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